Our range

Since 1920, we have been offering for sale a Breton sablé pastry made with fresh butter : the TRAOU MAD DE PONT-AVEN.
You can have it at any time of the day : some dunk it in their morning coffee !

We manufacture the GALETTES DE PONT AVEN, very thin and tasty. We created a small version to offer with a cup of tea or coffee.


Finally the third Breton biscuit specialty is the Crêpes Dentelles, invented in 1888 in Quimper, which we now produce in Pont Aven.


We used our creativity to transform the crêpes dentelles. We developped a miniature version coated with milkor dark chocolated. We also invented a filling patented technology that allowed us to diversify our range.


For instance, the Apéricrêpes are delicious little filled crêpes for cocktails.


We are also able to combine the filling and coating techniques. The are chocolate crisps : little crêpes dentelles with sweet filling (praline, tangerine, mint, coconut) and coated with milk or dark chocolate.

Les délicieuses crêpes dentelles au chocolat

These products are sold in cardboard boxes with various sizes but also in lovely tin boxes with various shapes ans sizes, illustrated with the paintings of the Ecole de Pont Aven artists from the beginning of the last century and the paintings of present artists.