Our values

First of all, we want to satisfy our clients. Our action aims at continuously improve our products and our service quality. We have created a «R&D» department for we are always attentive and willing to constantly innovate.

Our products are marketed with our brands (TRAOU MAD and MILLCREPES) and the brands of prestigious and demanding distributors.

We strive to conciliate Tradition and Modernity. Our «traditional» work is based on a rigorous selection of the raw materials used to manufacture our products which is secretly combined with a unique know-how. We meet the requirements of IFS standards as well as the agri-food world standards.




Our assets :

La recette authentique des galettes bretonnes et palets bretons The main manufacturing steps are still traditional : Manufacturing our galettes and crêpes dentelles still requires many people due to the delicacy of products. We handle them with the maximum of attention.

The same recipe since 1920 : The original recipe is still strictly followed in the factory.

Traditional know-how : The biscuits are mouled and collected by hand : an 80 year-old tradition which proved itself... Each product is unique.

Quality follow up : 2 laboratories analyze everyday the various raw materials and manufacturing steps. We adapt to upstream and downstream traceability requirements.

Certification according the International Food Standard reference quarantees the affidability of our manufacturing process and quality management.

chaine de productions traou mad Innovation capacity : We are permanently seeking for new products, in the respect of tradition but matching today's taste. This is why we recently created the «Petits Calins» and we are preparing new flavors for our salted as well as for our sweet range.

Great flexibility : We also have the capacity to adapt to our clients' requirements.

Adaptation capacity : we work with mass distriution (with our brands or private own labels) as well as with delicatessen brands (in Paris or elsewhere) or Luxury Hotels.