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All about my WEB Traou Mad account


My WEB account: modification and consultation


How can I modify my contact details / email address ?

You would like to modify your contact details or your email address. I will invite you to enter in the tab "my account" on the right top hand side corne and you identify yourself by clicking on the link "identify yourself" and you can access "my personal informations". On this page you can modify and manage your contact details.


How the personal data are managed ?

Traou Mad commits not to disclose to third party informations that you communicate us within the frame of this web site. The informations we obtained receive a computing treatment destined to Traou Mad for the handling of its orders and the promotion of its products. In accordance with the law"data processing and liberty" of the 6th january 1978, you beneficiate of a right of access and modification concerning your informations. If you would like to use your right and obtain the informations about you. Please contact us by mail at the address Traou Mad, ZA de Kergazuel - BP38- 29930 Pont-Aven, FRANCE. In order to have a preview of the rules on the remote sale and the rights of the consumers in this domain, we invite you tocheck the pages of the General Direction of the Competition, the Consumption and the Repression of the frauds in the "e-commerce" at the following adress ...


Features of the web site


Witness of our customers

You can give us a comment about our products. They are intend to understand better our customer and anhance our process to improve our products and services. They can be put online if necessary unless you don't want to.

The Traou Mad's Blog

We invite you to check our blog http://blog.traoumad.fr/ and to subscribe. You will discover the news about your brand, cooking recipees, interviews, comments, etc.

Nutritional informations

You will find all the nutritional characteristics of your products on our page about nutrional informations.


Indicate an issue on the web site


Remarks / Suggestions on the web site and its function

You wish to announce us your remarks concerning our web site. We are aware to the reactions ofour customers, our objective is to answer your expectations. Your suggestions are useful, it will improve the quality of our service, it will be profitable to our customers.

How to indicate a bug ?

You noticed an anomaly while you were browsing our web site. Your help allows to improve the quality of our services, do not hesitate to contact us via the page "contact us", with a precise and complete description so we can act quickly. Also, thanks for indicating the address of the page, the operating system and the version of your browser.


I'm ordering


How to place an order ?

Find all our advices to place an order easily on our page delivery

How to get a price reduction ?

See current price discounts on the page "Promotion" You will then have to key the reduction code at the bottom of your order. For that you have to clik on "see my chart" up and right of the screen.

Payment of my order: the means of payment accepted

Discover the full means of payment provided to you by checking the page http://www.traoumad.fr/en/content/5-secure-payment

Please your close relations: Gift ideas, gift vouchers, personalised messages, gift packing.

Our products are appreciated gifts. You can request a gift for some boxes with personalized message in the package. We also offer a box you can personalize with the image of your choice for a truly unique gift.


Expecting my order

How to follow my order to know when I will be delivered ?

You will receive an email to confirm the shipment it will give you a number to follow the parcel, thus you will know the exact date of delivery.


I received my order

My products has been damaged in the transportation: What must I do ?

If unfortunately your parcel has been damaged in the transportation, you must send us an emailvia our page "contact us" to explain precisely your problem so we can remedy to it.

What about items received by mistake ?

You should send us an email via "contact us" to explain precisely your problem so we can remedy to it.

Why didn't I receive an invoice in my parcel ?

Kindly excuse us. You can edit a copy by going to your personal space.


For the professionals

What are the benefits for the professionals on this web site ?

The professionals can register on the part of the web site where it is reserved. After identify yourself and access with your access codes to our catalog, you can download certain documents, in particular data sheets.

How to register as a professional on this web site ?

To be registered as a professional on this site, you must register normally on the site first. After validation of our team, you will be able to connect as a professional using the same access codes. Subscribe.